Alcon, Big Brake Kit TOYOTA GR Yaris

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All Alcon Big Brake Kits include all the parts that you will need, excluding brake pads and fluid (see below):

6 Piston Alcon Calipers
Alcon Special Iron Alloy Discs
GR Yaris Specific Bell Assembly with Fixings
GR Yaris Specific Caliper Bracket with Fixings
GR Yaris Specifc ADR Approved Brake Lines

Brake Pads - Sold Separately

Brake pads are not included as this allows the end user to select an appropriate compound to suit their driving application. We offer a range of performance pad compounds to suit your needs, from street performance pads all the way up to full motorsport pads to suit endurance/high temperature/high friction requirements.

CAR97 (Performance Calipers):
- 6 Piston Monobloc Caliper
- Gravity die cast for monobloc constructions using aluminium alloy for optimum strength and weight.
- Monobloc piston design for high stiffness (firm pedal) with low weight.
- Piston bore sizes are staggered to ensure even pad wear.
- Pin-mounted pads provide low threshold pressure and low noise.

CAR89 (Race Calipers):
- 6 Piston Billet Race Caliper
- Applications: General Race use, GT, Endurance.
- Billet aerospace grade aluminium alloy provides high strength and light weight
- Differential piston diameters that minimise pad taper wear
- Stainless steel pistons as standard
- 2kg anti-knock back springs
- Hard stainless steel wear plates
- Bolted pad retainer to increase stiffness, remove retainer to change pads
- Not dust sealed