ATS, Carbon LSD HONDA Civic Type R FK8/FL5

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Type: 1.5 Way
Disc: Carbon

The ATS Carbon Hybrid LSD is designed to provide the best of both a carbon LSD and a metal LSD. The Carbon Hybrid LSD will reduce the wear on the carbon plates and extend the life of your LSD, while also reducing the initial torque of the unit with arranging the placing metal plates between the carbon plates. So the Carbon Hybrid LSD feels like a cull carbon LSD, but provides improved durability.

- Full Carbon LSD feel with improved durability
- Since the plate in contact with the cam ring wears out quickly, the two carbon plates are replaced with metal plates in the hybridization.
- Arrange the metal plate and carbon plate symmetrically with respect to the cross axis.
- There is a difference in thickness between the metal plate and the carbon plate, so adjust this difference by changing the thickness of the spacer or bevel washer.
- The initial torque is adjusted in the range of 30-60Kg/m based on the experience and achievements gained by ATS.