Craft Square, Touring Competition Mirrors HONDA S2000

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Craft Square Touring Competition Mirrors are hand crafted and famous for their perfect fitment using OE mounting points. Used in professional racing series such as Super GT(JGTC), Super Taikyu, Formula 1, and D1GP, Craft Square Mirrors meet the highest standards in the automotive industry.

- Sold in pairs (driver and passenger side)
- Lightweight Carbon Composite
- Application specific for precise fitment
- Adjustable Craft Square duralumin racing lock system with stainless ball joint
- Aluminium cast base with protective clear coat (Impreza is Black)
- Each set includes Craft Square decals
- Wide Mirror reducing blind spot areas

Mirror Type: The standard mirror used is the 1000R.
Blue anti-glare lenses are a common but optional upgrade for the 1000R.

Please contact us for 800R & 500R types.
Craft Square has also created the 800R and 500R types, which are used for race only. The 800R is the same mirror used on Super GT GT500 Class and Super Taikyu race cars. The 500R mirror is used on Super GT GT300 Class machines. The 800R and 500R mirror housing shapes differ from the standard 1000R and come with special housing.