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Type-RS for low initial torque type with RS springs.

With the type-RS, the initial torque is taken by the RS springs therefore the initial torque comes on gently compared to the type-MZ which comes on stronger as it uses cone plates and response of the LSD is better and friction is lower.

Specially suited for front wheel drive cars and AWD car front axles. Activates under acceleration and acts as a true LSD when the throttle is off. Cusco 1WAY LSD will improve lap times without doubt.

* 1.5 WAY LSD
Activates under acceleration while the under-steer under deceleration is less than on 2WAY LSD. Recommended for those who have a hard time with under-steer.

Recommended on rear wheel drive cars and AWD car rear axles. Activates on both acceleration and deceleration. Recommended for those who prefer aggressive driving and big angle drifting.

** With Cusco LSDs (WAY selective ones), you may change the WAY setting during the overhaul with no additional parts required.