DEI, Titanium Exhaust Wrap (2"x50')

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DEI's ORIGINAL Titanium™️ exhaust wrap, with LR Technology, is made from pulverized lava rock, stranded into a fiber material and woven into a proprietary weave. Titanium wrap is engineered to be stronger than most wraps and more durable for improved thermal performance and reliability. Perfect for any automotive or motorcycle application!

- Withstands 1800°F direct/2500°F intermittent heat
- Promotes increased flow for improved performance
- Reduces temperature & vibration breakdown
- Extremely pliable for a tight and secure wrap
- DEI HT Silicone Coating not required
- Pre-wetting roll not necessary for wrapping
- Hi-tech carbon fiber look
- High resistance to abrasions, oil spills, temperatures and vibration breakdown