DIXCEL, Premium Type Brake Pads

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Premium-type brake pads, the fusion of reasonable pricing and brake performance
  • Performance brake pads for the price similar to OEM brake pads
  • Improved brake performance, decrease in brake dust.
  • The same long pad life as the OEM brake pads
  • Even higher brake performance by changing to DIXCEL brake discs at the same time as your brake pads!
Friction Materials Ceramic fiber / Copper Free (2021 regulations)
Effective Temperature Range 0~500℃
Max μ Ave μ Min μ
0.58 0.40 0.39
Applicable Stages
  • Street
  • Winding(normal)

Premium type グラフ
  • The radar chart represents a comparison of each characteristic between DIXCEL products and general OEM products.
  • Above values are based on actual test results.
    Anti-Noise and Anti-Dust values are tested and calculated after a proper bedding-in procedure has been completed.