FUJITSUBO, Legalis R Exhaust (Civic EG)

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The Legalis R series improves exhaust flow by reducing back pressure. It has minimal increase of loudness to ensure your vehicle stays below legal noise levels on the street. 


最高出力Peak Power 113.7kw(154.6ps)/7310rpm 118.4kw(161.0ps)/7750rpm
マフラー重量Weight 18.0kg 13.8kg
音量アイドリングIdling Exhaust Noise 65dB 66dB
近接排気騒音(5850rpm)Proximity Exhaust Noise 90dB 90dB
3000rpmExhaust Noise 73dB 79dB
5000rpmExhaust Noise 84dB 87dB
4000rpm〜6000rpmExhaust Noise 94dB 102dB