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  • HKS CARBON BRACE is a joint project with Graphite Design, which boasts the No. 1 usage rate for golf carbon shafts by tour professionals.It uses high-quality carbon material made in Japan, creates a unique "bend" , and improves driving performance. This is a brace bar that provides both ride comfort.
  • In general braces, strength is ensured by adding a mounting part, but in some cases, the round pipe is passed through the hole for the square pipe in the interior, making the hole in the interior too large and giving the brace an afterthought feel. This product has an additional mounting part compared to other companies' products, and has an inner lid, so it can be replaced without feeling like an afterthought .
  • In addition, carbon material is used in the engine compartment and rear interior to create a luxurious finish, making this product both functional and dress-up. The brackets on both ends are machined from aluminum and treated with colorless alumite to give it the beauty and corrosion resistance of aluminum. Includes laser engraved HKS brand logo.



*Front carbon brace (1 each on the left and right, 2 in total)

*Rear carbon brace (1 piece)

*Mounting bracket

*Child parts