HKS, Cold Air Intake Full Kit GR86 BRZ2.4

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  • The air cleaner body uses the traditional high-performance air cleaner "Super Power Flow (Φ150-80 wet 2-layer)" to improve intake efficiency.
  • By housing the Super Power Flow unit inside a box, the influence of hot air in the engine room can be suppressed and the intake air temperature can be kept low and stable.
  • By not changing the installation position of the air flow meter from the original position, it complies with the original control, and by adding a second intake duct, we have reduced ventilation resistance during intake.
  • By adopting a clear smoke color for the upper case of the box, it subtly emphasizes the presence of super power flow while tightening the interior of the engine room.


●Carbon suction pipe

  • The material is a hot press manufacturing method using 3K * twill carbon prepreg * on the surface and UD * prepreg on the inside .
  • A silicone bag is used inside the pipe to perform the curing process at high pressure and high temperature. This results in a smooth inner pipe surface and high strength. It allows air to flow smoothly while maintaining sufficient strength.
  • The connection to the intake box uses silicone, which has sufficient resistance to the high temperatures found in the engine room. Smooth internal surface reduces intake resistance. Additionally, the core wire is placed in the center to prevent deformation caused by negative pressure and improve reliability.

* 3K: 3,000 carbon fiber
 prepreg: Sheet with thermosetting resin in the fibers in advance
 UD: Unidirectional carbon fiber. UD achieves high strength by laminating multiple sheets by changing the lamination direction.

●Air intake duct

  • A blow-molded one-piece structure with no internal seams reduces intake resistance.
  • Aiming to reduce resistance at maximum flow rate, the narrowest part is equivalent to approximately Φ87.5mm, compared to the genuine equivalent of approximately Φ50mm.
  • The layout is the same as the original, so you can use it safely on the street without inhaling rainwater.

**Cannot be used with GT2 supercharger kit