HKS, Cold Air Intake Full Kit TOYOTA Supra A90

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  • By adopting a carbon base material with a beautiful twill texture similar to dry carbon racing suction, it creates a sense of laceiness and luxury.
  • Insufficient intake air, which is a concern due to covering the open type cleaner with a box, has been improved by installing an intake duct separate from the genuine intake port. A stable intake air volume can be secured.
  • By replacing the genuine intake with a cold air intake full kit, we can reduce the weight by about 500g.
  • The HKS emblem with special processing (slide spin processing) included in the kit creates a more luxurious feeling. Contributes to dressing up in the engine room.
  • Since the cold air intake box can be purchased separately, it can also be used as an upgrade item for vehicles equipped with dry carbon racing suction.