HKS, Dump Pipe & Mid Pipe TOYOTA GR Yaris

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HKS's dual 150+150cell catted dump pipe & mid pipe set, the genuine heat shields can be reused on the primary catalytic converter.

- This product uses a low-density metal catalyst, as opposed to the genuine fine ceramic catalyst. Exhaust resistance is greatly reduced due to the 150-cell specifications for both the first and second catalysts.
- By adopting cells with an optimized proportion of precious metals in the first catalyst part in the minimum necessary size, it is possible to achieve both purification performance and exhaust pressure reduction, and has acquired an exhaust gas certificate from a third-party organization. .
- The 1st catalyst part is designed so that a genuine heat shield can be installed as a measure against heat damage*
- The pipe diameter is 75mm compared to the genuine 70mm.
- Buff polishing is applied, and all welding is TIG welding, so we are particular about the appearance.