HKS, Hipermax R Coilover (GR86/BRZ 2.4)

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■ Compatibility/Installation Information

engine type FA24
Model year 21/08 - 
remarks Genuine 17 inch 215/45R17

■ Specifications

Damping force adjustment 30 steps 30 steps
base valve - -
full length adjustment
upper mount Pilo Pilo
Inverted/Upright Inverted upright
Damper/spring configuration integrated integrated
Spring rate change at shipment Impossible Impossible
Damping force adjustment with wire - -
Helper spring
(spring rate N/mm)
- 〇 (19.8)
■ Vehicle height informationmm
  At time of shipment*2 when testing Maximum upper limit to maximum lower limit*3 Drivable upper limit ~ Drivable lower limit *4
FRONT Vehicle height*1 641 665 to 624 665 to 624
normal ratio -twenty four 0 to -41 0 to -41
REAR Vehicle height*1 641 670 to 615 670 to 615
normal ratio -29 0 to -55 0 to -55


*1. Height from road surface to fender arch.
※2. The vehicle height at the time of shipment is a reference measurement value data based on the combination of full kit setting in HKS. (This is our recommended vehicle height.)
*3. Adjustable range (However, please note that driving at the lower limit in this case does not comply with safety standards
. Depending on the height, it may cause interference with the body, arms, etc., and hinder driving.In
addition, the warranty does not cover problems such as damper oil leakage caused by using the vehicle with the vehicle height extremely lowered from the shipping height . Please note that it is out of scope.)
*4. The range where it can be driven without interference with the body, arms, etc. (However, this may not be the
case due to changes in tire/wheel size, etc.) Note) Data may vary depending on individual vehicle differences and assembly conditions.

■ Kit information

● Full kit setting spring

  F. R.
Spring rate N/mm (kgf/mm) 88 ( 9.0 ) 98 (10.0)
Free length (mm) 150 150
spring type direct winding direct winding
Recommended range for spring rate change N/mm (kgf/mm) ±10 (1) -10 (1) to +20 (2)

● Damper specs

  F. R.
Damping force (extension side/retraction side) N* 961 / 481 510 / 471
Factory dial position 15 15
Damper remaining stroke (extension side/retraction side) mm 30/47 48/51

* The damping force value is the value when the piston speed is 0.1m/sec.

● Setting data

  F. R.
Shipping when testing Travelable upper limit
Lower limit for travel
Shipping when testing Travelable upper limit
Lower limit for travel
Case length
219 243 204 235 257 223
Spring set
length (mm)
151 151 153 204 204 212
Winding dimension
39 63 twenty two 20 42 0
lever ratio 1.00 1.32

*For the upper limit and lower limit of drivability, please refer to the margin of vehicle height information*3 above.

■ Test vehicle information

  F. R.
Vehicle weight (catalog value) kg 705 (700) 566 (560)
Tire size (air pressure) kPa 215/45-17 (240) 215/45-17 (240)
wheel size 7.5 JJ × 17 inset 48 7.5 JJ × 17 inset 48
when testing out 1mm / -3°40' in 0 mm / -2°10'
Standard value in 0 ± 2mm / 0°00' ± 0°30' in 2 ± 2mm / -1°10' ± 0°45'

* Measured by our company.


**ADVAN A052 235/40R18 Tested at Fuji Speedway Racing Course.
Taking advantage of the BRZ's character, it runs through corners with slight understeer. We have created a damper that can create the ideal behavior that the driver envisioned.
It is a deep damper that satisfies both circuit beginners and advanced riders aiming for time. You can feel the change in the behavior of the car with one notch, so I think you can enjoy it for a long time with this one.
By actively utilizing the bump rubber that HKS has been researching for many years, it creates a feeling of firmness at the back when cornering. You can get stable tire surface pressure without suddenly losing grip.
For users aiming for time on the circuit, the front is full camber and the toe out is about 0.5-1.0mm, and the rear is about 0 toe to 0.5mm in. About 10 steps back and forth is recommended for the dial.
It's a very comfortable ride in town. It provides a comfortable ride that makes you forget that it is a circuit damper with a high rate spring installed with a new spring.
By optimizing the damping balance between expansion and contraction, and starting damping from the point where it is necessary, the posture is not disturbed even with a large gap, and it does not feel like a high rate spring.
Install HKS BODYKIT TYPES and check matching of aero parts.