HKS, Super Fire Racing Spark Plug (Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ)

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Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ
M45HL - Naturally Aspirated
M50HL - Forced Induction (Supercharged, Turbo) 

- Set of 4
- Thread Size: 12x 26.5mm
- Wrench Size: 14mm


  • 0.6mm Iridium Alloy Center Electrode
    Iridium alloy center electrode reduces voltage requirement and improves ignition performance and durability.
  • Outer Electrode with Platinum Chip
    The outer electrode incorporates a square platinum chip which improves durability, and combining with the iridium center electrode boosts ignition performance.
    The outer electrode features a shortened tip design and tapered shape while maintaining the necessary space for proper ignition.
  • Short Type Outer Electrode (Anti-Vibration)
    The outer electrode has been shortened and engineered with the ideal shape to decrease weight for resistance against vibration. This anti-vibration design improves longevity of the outer electrode.
  • Thermal Edge
    After long idling or under various combustion conditions, carbon buildup can occur causing misfires. The thermal edge of the ceramic insulator discharges to help decrease carbon deposits.
  • Spark Support Gap
    Discharge occurs in the spark support gap (space between the tip of insulator and the base of the outer electrode) to help prevent carbon buildup.