HKS, Super Turbo Muffler Ti Toyota GR Yaris

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The ultimate sports muffler from HKS, combining light weight, low back pressure and quietness at a high level.


  • We have newly developed a Super Turbo Muffler out of titanium, designed with the concept of quiet operation and low back pressure.
  • It weighs approximately 9.2kg compared to the original muffler's 12.4kg, making it approximately 26% lighter. 
  • The GR Yaris' inspection-compliant titanium muffler has a pipe diameter of φ74.7 → φ60.5 x 2, the largest diameter (Note 1), and a silencer structure without a constriction, achieving overwhelming exhaust performance. (Note 1: Based on our research as of March 2024)
  • By adopting a silent chamber and optimizing the silencer, the unique sound of a three-cylinder engine has been reduced, allowing you to enjoy a powerful and pleasant titanium sound when you step on the gas.