HKS, Type S Body Kit GR86/BRZ 2.4

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An original body kit conforming to safety standards that inherits the HKS racing style and expresses strength.
It has a stylish form that has been modelled by aerodynamic analysis and 3D_CAD to improve driving stability.


Front spoiler

It gives the GR86 (BRZ) a strong impression, inheriting the face of HKS successive time attack machines.
A carbon barge panel is attached to both ends to produce an ideal rectification effect and a casual racy look.
In terms of performance, we focused on the flow of the floor and installed an additional under panel. As a result, drag is suppressed while downforce is improved.



Speeds up the running wind in a spiral (low pressure) and discharges turbulence (high pressure) in the tire house. We aim to reduce the lift by reducing the pressure inside the tire house.
In addition, it is made of carbon with a beautiful twill weave and is dressed up in a lacy style.


Side skirt

The side expresses the beauty of molding by making good use of the genuine press line. A powerful large barge panel creates strength.


Rear spoiler

In order to take advantage of the effect of the front spoiler, rectification around the rear is also important. The rectification effect of the unique fin shape optimizes the front and rear aerodynamic balance. In addition, the carbon barge panel on the side gives a powerful wide feeling like a racing car.


Duck tail

The duck tail creates a rectifying effect on the top of the body at high speeds, and improves downforce along with the rectifying effect on the bottom of the body. Improves tire contact and driving stability.


Rear wing

It is designed by taking advantage of HKS successive time attack experience.
The wing cross section and gurney flap shape are designed using fluid analysis, aiming for low drag and high downforce.
We have conducted a circuit test and confirmed that the downforce has been improved compared to the normal body for both the front and rear.
・Position stability during braking
・High-speed corner entry ・Improved drivability when turning
This is a body kit with well-balanced front and rear aerodynamics.
It has been confirmed that the effect can be clearly experienced even in the actual driving scene.