Inokinetic, Battery Bracket (Lotus)

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Give your lightweight race battery a break!  Utilize the integrated battery bracket and power disabler switch to extend the service life of your Braille or Odyssey battery, especially during the time your Lotus is in extended storage.  The parasitic drag that exists with the Lotus will drain any battery.  With this solution you will have peace of mind that when you’re ready for your next drive, a twist of a knob and your ready to go!  An Inokinetic exclusive!

Quick Power Disconnect Switch

  • Extends service life of battery during prolonged storage

  • Easy to read color codes show on/off positions

  • Quality construction – Marine grade

Custom Aluminum Bracket Designed for Your Lotus

  • Works with: Deka ETX20L, Braille 2015 & 14115 and Odyssey 545 & 680

  • Lightweight durable construction

  • Bolt on design for bracket.

  • Battery switch ‘may’ require drilling out stock battery cable on some cars

Integrated Switch and Bracket = Comprehensive Solution

  • Utilizes OE cables

  • Includes all necessary hardware

Removable Switch Control Knob

  • Additional Security


  • Elise, Exige

Attention Exige owners: Do not lock your doors with the keyfob, turn the battery off then close the hatch. This will lock you out of the car.