Lithiumax, 700CA RESTART 7 Lithium Battery

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- 2.6 KG (171x182x78mm)
- Application, up to 3.0L
- RESTART7 with advanced Restart BMS - LiFePO4
- 48Ah PbEq 17Ah Nominal 800A Pulse Discharge (3 seconds) – RC 95mins @ 30DegC 25A. With BMS & Restart with LCD

Includes on-board Battery Management System (BMS) to manage and protect your battery, along with an in-built LCD readout for battery voltage, all at the press of a button.

Now with 'RESTART' technology that hard-cuts power at 11.5V, that can be restarted by pressing the button. Potentially leaving enough energy in the battery to start your engine. A fixed hard-cut at 8V is also there to protect your battery from over discharge.