MCA, Traction Mod 86/BRZ ZN6 ZN8 ZC6 ZD8

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The Unique and Patented MCA Suspension 86 Traction Mod is a bolt-on bracket that relocates a suspension arm pickup point to help flatten out the arm angle and reduce anti-squat. It does not change the static toe, nor the toe steer and so does not need a wheel alignment after installation and will have no other unwanted side effects on your suspension setup.

The result is significantly increased rear grip in both cornering and straight line acceleration. Thanks to the extra rear grip when cornering, the car now has greatly improved balance and stability than from factory. Feedback from our customers suggests increased level of overall safety due to the rear being far less likely to step out when not desired.

The Traction Mod has been developed on our MCA's Time Attack 86, and then tested further on a large number of local 86s that are both road cars and weekend track cars. This test group featured cars with no other mods, some NA tuned cars and also turbo and supercharged versions, also featuring a wide variety of tyre and suspension setups. The Traction Mod has been proven to work well under every circumstance.