MUGEN, Folding Container

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Mugen offer their Folding Containers in two sizes.  These are perfect for keeping your garage nice and tidy.  When not in use the can be collapsed and put away.  No Honda garage or workshop is complete without these.



Designed with the motif of commander eye and checkered flag, which is an image of infinite motor sports.

  • Size: 530mm × 366mm × 334mm (folded 530mm × 366mm × 95mm ) 
  • Capacity: 50.1L
  • Weight: about 2.65kg 
  • Compression load: 6.59kN (670kgf) 
  • Storage load: about 15 to 16kg


By boldly and simply treating the three colours of infinite corporate colours and the infinite logo, the design is designed to be "infinite" at a glance.

  • Small 380mm × 305mm × 237mm (folded 380mm × 305mm × 83mm)
  •  Capacity: 20.8 L
  • Weight: about 1.27 kg 
  • Compressive load: 4.51 kN (460 kgf) 
  • Storage load: about 12 to 13 kg