SME, 4-2-1 Equal Length Header (GR86/BRZ 2.4)

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Sydney Motorsport Engineering's 4-2-1 race header has been optimised for the new FA24 (GR86/BRZ 2.4). The outlet flange and stud spacing does carry over from the 2L however the actual exhaust ports are larger from the upgraded engine capacity. SME have optimised this header with larger primaries and smoother collectors to provide the best scavenging and exhaust flow for optimal gains both in the mid range and all the way to 7500RPM.

These efficiencies make the UEL header obsolete for the FA24 as the as the mid range torque with the 4-2-1 race header is incredibly strong without sacrificing flow for top end power.

Handcrafted here in Sydney with mandrel bent 304 grade stainless steel featuring a CNC machined 4-1 merge collector. This header features a 2.75” outlet to the overpipe, again optimised to the new, larger capacity engines. These race headers are also catless for maximum NA power gains.

Tuning is always recommended after modifying the front half of the exhaust to maximise power gains and it will be necessary in this case to clear the O2 sensor fault code. Even without a tune we have shown these headers to have very strong mid range power gains however when accompanied by a 98 or E85 tune the power gains are great across the whole rev range.