Spoon, Drop In Air Filter HONDA Civic Type R FL5

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The Honda’s air intake system is renowned for its innovative method to control the intake pulsation of the normally aspirated engine, optimizing the response and drivability. It is a high-performance air intake system distinctively designed to lower the intake air temperature.

Our Air Cleaner for the CIVIC TYPE R (FL5) has been developed to maximize the potential of the air intake system.

Increasing the material density of the air filter allows for a greater particle collection capability but decreases the air flow.
Using filter materials with lower density may allow for greater air flow, however, you trade in the particle removal capabilities. More than that, the excessive air flow may cause a decrease in lower-end torque thus hampering the overall drivability.

The filtration material of our Air Cleaner was carefully developed, optimizing the torque/power output on the dyno and undergoing numerous real world road testing.
The SPOON SPORTS Air Cleaner was developed to bring out the maximum potential of the CIVIC TYPE R (FL5).