Works Bell, Rapfix GTC-R

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The Works Bell RAPFIX GTC-R has been developed for racing where driver changing takes place. Instead of attaching and detaching the Quick Release products, bouncing the steering wheel (tilt up) is much easier to complete driver-changing action.

In order to meet the need, we renew the Rapfix GTC which was released for cars designed for street use to Rapfix GTC-R as a special parts used for competition.

Usage:For racing cars only
Steering Wheel: Competition use (PCD50.8mm with 6 holes)
Vehicle mounting method: PCD50.8mm M5 x P0.8 female thread setting
Main structural material: aluminum alloy A2024T4, ball=steel SUJ2
Dimensions: Length 46.5mm, diameter 60mm (base diameter)
Plane shape: 120 mm wide, 111.6 mm long
Weight: 395g

It is developed especially for competition cars. Three PCD50.8mm M5P0.8 screw holes are stored in the installation side of the plug that is attached to the car side. The same Six PCD50.8mm M5P0.8 tap holes are stored in the installation side of the steering wheel. Two electric points are set up for option in order to correspond to various electric functions. Furthermore, wiring is set up on the installation side of the steering wheel in order to fulfil the convenience.

The NAPAC standard test (a standard for after market products in Japan) has been done. A screwing test was done to check the operation of steering wheel to radial power. There was not any change in the shape after being pounded by dead loads of 29.7kg.m (291N.m). Moreover, there was not any change in the shape after a bending test of dead loads of 19.8kg.m (194N.m) in order to examine the effect when a driver impacts the top of the steering wheel in an accident.